Research interest

  • Theorizing ideational and institutional change
  • The political economy of vocational education
  • Bricolage in ideational and institutional change

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Recent work

Hubert Buch-Hansen and Martin B. Carstensen (2021) ‘Paradigms and the political economy of ecopolitical projects: Green growth and degrowth compared’, Competition & Change, forthcoming.

Martin B. Carstensen and Christian Lyhne Ibsen (2021) ”Three Dimensions of Institutional Contention: Efficiency, Equality and Governance in Danish Vocational Education and Trainning Reform”, forthcoming in Socio-Economic Review.

Martin B. Carstensen and Vivien A. Schmidt (2020) “Between power and powerlessness in the euro zone crisis and beyond”, contribution to  special section in Journal of European Public Policy, 10.1080/13501763.2020.1751679.

Martin B. Carstensen and Nils Röper (2019) ”Invasion from within: Ideas, Power and the Transmission of Institutional Logics between Policy Domains”, Comparative Political Studies, 52 (9): 1328-1363

Martin B. Carstensen and Magnus Paulsen Hansen (2019) ”Legitimation as justification: Foregrounding public philosophies in explanations of gradual ideational change”, forthcoming in European Journal of Political Research, 58 (2): 582-602.